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Ting offers mobile service
on two nationwide, LTE networks.

See which network is right for you based on the information below.

Let your device

Your current device will likely have its own network preference. Check your device's network compatibility.


coverage map.

Ting GSM wireless service is provided on a nationwide 3G, HSPA and LTE network.

coverage map.

Ting CDMA wireless service is provided on the Nationwide Sprint network.


Can I use GSM and CDMA together in one account?
Yes. With Ting, you can have any combination of active GSM and / or CDMA devices under one account sharing minutes, messages and megabytes. This is an industry first. We're pretty excited about it.
Which network is best for me?

If you have a device already, or if there's a specific device you want to buy, that may make the network choice much easier. Click "Check," above, to see if your device works best on a particular network.

Otherwise, choosing a network comes down to which one offers the best service in your area. Dig in to the coverage maps above to see what kind of coverage you can expect at home, at school and in the office.

Can a device be active on CDMA and GSM at the same time?
Certain devices like the Nexus 5 can have lines of service active on both Ting CDMA and Ting GSM simultaneously. Each of those services, however, will have their own phone number and $6 monthly device fee, and their usage will be combined into a single monthly rate. Switching from one service to another on your device would require nothing more than swapping in and out SIM cards.
Does Ting charge "domestic roaming" fees?

No. Regardless of whether you're using Ting on a GSM or on a CDMA network, there is no charge for domestic roaming. While your phone may sometimes show a roaming notification, you aren't incurring any extra cost or roaming charges for voice or text messaging.

Ting does not currently offer domestic data roaming. That means you won't have access to mobile data until you're back in a network coverage area.

Does Ting do international roaming?
Yes, international roaming is supported on both Ting networks! You must have an LTE capable device if you wish to roam internationally on our CDMA network. See Ting international rates for rates and supported countries.
Does the device I choose affect what kind of coverage I can expect?
Yes. Not all phones and not all phone antennas are created equal. While this isn't as much an issue as it was even a couple of years ago, we always recommend you do a little research to find out which phone is the right fit for you.
I'm seeing no coverage in my area on either the GSM or the CDMA networks. Can I still sign up for Ting?
Unfortunately, there are some rare places in the USA that Ting on either a GSM or a CDMA network doesn't cover. If your billing address falls outside of the Ting coverage area, you will not be able to activate a device with Ting.