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We are on a mission to
make mobile make sense.

We offer simple ideas that save people a lot of money on their monthly mobile bills. We are
real people that pick up the phone when you call. We believe in a better way to do mobile.

What would you save?

Call for help.
Speak to a human.

No hold, no phone trees and no transfers. People are still getting used to this level of service.

Ting now offers GSM services too!

With both GSM and CDMA networks, over 80% of devices can now come to Ting.

We've got tools to give you control.

With the Ting online account dashboard and the official Ting app, we give you the tools you
need to take complete control of your account, your usage and ultimately, your bill.

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Let's talk,
human to human.

Online help offers quick answers to your questions and when you need us, we're a call or click away.

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People Ting.
You're people!

Ting customers are our most vocal supporters. Why listen to us when you can hear it from them.

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We stand for

"We feel the mobile industry is broken. We're on a mission to make mobile make sense."
– Elliot Noss, CEO

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